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Individual Therapy

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 Issues Commonly Addressed:
(For additional information, or resources, on these topics, please the Client Resources page.)

    •Anger Management
    •Communication Issues
    •Eating Disorders
    •Impulse Control 
    •Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    •Parenting - Adolescents
    •Parenting - Children
    •Relationship Issues
    •Substance Abuse
    •Thinking Disorders

 Length of Treatment:
Length of treatment is not easily determined, as individuals come in with a wide range of expectations and circumstances.  Additionally, the fact of the matter is that different people deal with things differently.  So, while one person may take 5 – 6 sessions to address a particular issue, another may take 20 – 25 sessions to deal with the same issue.  Others view themselves as a constant work-in-progress and wish to do more long-term work.  Some prefer to work in spurts, addressing matters as they arise, or when they have the available energy to tackle them.  The answer to this is primarily up to you and what you are looking to accomplish. 

 Length of Sessions:
Sessions are offered in the following increments, although insurance companies frequently place restrictions on these options:
    •25 Minute sessions
    •50 Minute sessions
    •75 Minute sessions

 First Session Preparation:
First sessions typically begin by tending to administrative concerns, such as obtaining insurance information, determining appropriate methods of contact, discussing payment options, etc. 

Once the administrative details are addressed, first sessions typically seek to clarify the issues that led you to seek counseling.  It is also necessary for me to clearly understand your efforts at resolving these issues, as well as what a successful resolution of them would look like for you.  Once this information is clarified, possible treatment options are then discussed. 

Of note, it is possible to avoid the administration portion entirely by addressing these matters prior to your appointment (see paperwork download).  This is highly recommended, as people are usually eager to discuss their concerns as soon as they walk through the door.  Additionally, because insurance companies often restrict sessions to 50 minutes, completing the paperwork ahead of time allows us to spend more time addressing your concerns.

 Paperwork Downloads:
•Intake Paperwork
    •Basic Client Information Form
    •HIPAA Form
    •Information Disclosure Form
    •Intake Satisfaction Survey
    •Adolescent Treatment Form
Release of Information Form
Coordination of Care Form
Satisfaction Survey – Post Treatment



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