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I am including numerous resources on a wide variety of subjects on these pages to provide you with as much information as possible.  However, the materials provided here are for informational purposes only and their inclusion on this site is does not necessarily mean I officially endorse all the information. 

There are a number of treatment approaches, each of which obviously believes their approach is the “right” one for a given problem.  Some of this information is in line with my treatment approaches and it therefore easy to support.  Other pieces are a bit more of a hard sell for me.  However, I am including all of the information here in an effort to support your right to find a treatment that is right for you.  Furthermore, research is always changing and I cannot officially guarantee the sites listed here are, or are not, up to date.  Basically, the bottom line here is use what you need, discard what you don’t.

If anyone has additional information they feel may be useful, but is not included here, feel free to forward me the links, as I am always open to new information. 

    •Anger Management
    •Communication Issues
    •Eating Disorders
    •Impulse Control 
    •Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    •Parenting - Adolescents
    •Parenting - Children
    •Relationship Issues
    •Substance Abuse
    •Thinking Disorders

COMPREHENSIVE SITES:  Sites with resources on a large variety of topics:

    •WebMD – Resources
    •HELPGUIDE – Resources
    •Mental Help – Resources
    •Internet Mental Health – Resources  
    •American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists – Resources for Families
    •ABCD – Parenting Young Adolescents - Resources
    •Encyclopedia of Psychology - Resources
    •Royal College of Psychiatrists - Resources
    •Help Horizons – Resources



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