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Treatment Philosophy

My practice was started in 2005 with the vision of providing first-rate client care and playing an active part in our community.  To this end, I offer traditional office-based therapy to individuals, couples and families in the Chicago area.  I have also partnered with several schools and social service agencies, which allows me to occasionally offer services at a variety of non-traditional locations as well.  Lastly, I provide consultation services to members of the Department of Defense, both nationally and abroad. 


I view many of the issues people come in with as normal parts of life.  Unfortunately, it also appears many of us have never been taught how to optimally handle many of these issues either.  How many Anxiety 101, or Stress 101 classes do you remember?  How about Intro to Depression, or Challenging Relationships?  Been to any Communicating With Your Boss/Spouse/Teenager/Etc. seminars lately?


Because of this, my approach, while versatile, tends to focus on recognizing positives, versus getting too caught up on negatives.  I also consistently look for opportunities to develop the essential skills to address the challenge you are facing, and/or insights that may be useful when trying to think through them. 


To do this, I initially seek to establish a supportive partnership with you.  In the process, I seek to gain a clear understanding of your particular situation, identify your strengths, address any unfinished business and recognize as many of your potential options as possible.  I’m also always looking for opportunities to further develop your self-confidence, as well, which will be necessary make the changes required to improve the quality of your life, as you best determine. 


  • I promise to listen to you carefully, with an open mind, and reflect back honestly what I hear. 
  • I will also attempt to share the latest research available to assist you in better understanding your options, given your particular situation.
  • I will stay constructive, practical and flexible, so we can successfully work together, even during these challenging times.


This not only appears to work well with adult clients, it also seems to appeal to many “hard-to-reach” adolescent clients as well.  In truth, the fact that you are actively seeking an experienced professional to assist you in this process is an indication of good judgment and an example healthy coping. 




James Chmielewski

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