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Would like to see if this is possible for you?

I offer a variety of services, pricing packages and locations in which I can see you.  If you're you would like a free phone consultation, please call me to discuss your various options.  If you are ready to schedule a therapy session, you can do so…

  • Online, by clicking the link on the upper right of each page.
  • By phone at 773-430-9519
  • Or, by sending me an e-mail at JChmielewski@aol.com


I offer several ways to schedule an appointment, feel free to utilize whichever works best for you.

·   You can either schedule online by clicking the link on the upper right of each page

·   By phone at 773-430-9519.

·   Or, by sending me an e-mail at JChmielewski@aol.com. 


Payment Options:

You can either pay by cash, or check at the time of the session.  You can also pay by credit card online through PayPal, click the following link to do so.  Private pay clients are offered additional discounts utilizing the online payment options.


First Session Preparation:

First sessions typically begin by tending to administrative concerns, such as obtaining insurance information, determining appropriate methods of contact, discussing payment options, etc. 


Once the administrative details are addressed, first sessions typically seek to clarify the issues that led you to seek counseling.  It is also necessary for me to clearly understand your efforts at resolving these issues, as well as what a successful resolution of them would look like for you.  Once this information is clarified, possible treatment options are then discussed. 


Of note, it is possible to avoid the administration portion entirely by addressing these matters prior to your appointment (see paperwork download).  This is highly recommended, as people are usually eager to discuss their concerns as soon as they walk through the door.  Additionally, because insurance companies often restrict sessions to 50 minutes, completing the paperwork ahead of time allows us to spend more time addressing your concerns.

·   Intake Paperwork

·         Basic Client Information Form (click here)

·         HIPAA Form (click here)

·         Information Disclosure Form (click here)

·         Intake Satisfaction Survey (click here)

·         Adolescent Treatment Form (click here)

·         Coordination of Care Forms (click here)




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