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Private pay clients are free from the limitations enforced by insurance companies.  In such cases you are free to design therapy as you best see fit. This includes shorter/longer sessions, sessions at alternative locations, sessions involving alternative healing methods, etc.  The following packages are provided in an effort to address these situations.  Call for further details and savings. 


· Crisis Intervention Package: 

Best for individuals in the middle of a difficult situation and needing multiple sessions per week, plus an additional 15-minute phone call-in each week.

Nine hours per month

Two sessions per week

15 minute phone check-in call once per week


· Working Through Package: 

Best for individuals who need to slow down the pace of therapy, consolidate gains, feel supported, set new goals and continue to build momentum.  One hourly session per week. 

Four hours per month

One session per week


· Maintenance Package: 

Supportive therapy, best for individuals in stable situations.  Good for staying on a steady track.  One hourly session every other week.  Two 30-minute phone sessions on alternate weeks. 

Two hours per month

One session every two weeks


· Transitioning Package: 

Best for those who only need minimal contact.  Two 30-minute phone sessions per month, conducted once every other week.

One hour per month

30-minute phone session every two weeks





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